Aluminium and P.V.C. door and window fixtures
since 1979.

Serr.All. is an Italian company that has been manufacturing aluminium and P.V.C. door and window fixtures for the construction and prefabricated building markets since 1979. With superb craftsmanship and industrial efficiency, the company has always been dedicated to ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. From the design of the components to the realization of the finished product, each order is executed according to the client’s specific requirements. Thanks to the flexibility and quality of its production processes (UNI -EN-ISO 9001 quality certification and fixtures fully compliant with the latest European energy performance standards), Serr.all. has enjoyed constant growth, with extremely respectable sales figures (over 40,000 fixtures produced and sold worldwide each year). With a solid history based on numerous years of experience in the sector, the company remains dedicated to keeping up with the industry’s latest technological developments.