Serrall, the history
of windows and doors since 1979.

Even the best paintings are enhanced by a beautiful frame.


Windows and doors
are our speciality.

We design and manufacture aluminium and PVC fixtures for traditional and modular construction.

With our fixtures, we make the place where you work and live more comfortable, drawing attention to what's beyond the glass.
We at Serrall have always put passion into our work, because the emotion of creating something new and beautiful is the force that guides us in our lives and our work.

Research and innovation

We are constantly committed to the research of technological innovations, developing new production techniques and perfecting those used in the past.

Design and control

To be sure we deliver a perfect fixture, we carefully monitor the product design and development phases and analyse them in our test laboratory.
We carefully control each processing phase, making sure that our products meet your expectations.

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Customised creations

We create customised solutions, personalising your products in terms of shape, performance and colour. We let you choose the fixture you are looking for from our wide range and then we shape it using cutting-edge machinery and precision systems.

Efficiency and care

We believe in taking care of details, making sure that everything works as best as possible, focusing on efficiency to ensure that your experience with our windows and doors is the best possible.

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Perspectives and goals

We are driven by a constant search for new designs and markets. We look out on the whole world and all its continents from our headquarters in a small region in Italy.

We consider the future of our planet with a small yet far-reaching waste heat recovery project to optimise internal energy consumption.
The Serrall world

The expert hands of our professionals are the real guarantee of your fixtures' quality and durability.


Years in the sector of fixtures, windows and doors

Assembly lines

Fixtures manufactured each day

Percentage of recycled materials


Serrall, from yesterday to today.

  • 1958

    Renzo Targi founds the woodworking company Urania Mobili in Poggibonsi.
  • 1979

    Urania Mobili becomes Panurania and begins discontinuous production of polyurethane insulating sandwich panels. Meanwhile in Corciano, Serrall is founded, manufacturing aluminium windows and doors. The company begins discontinuous production of polyurethane insulating sandwich panels: Panurania is born. The same year, Serrall was founded in Corciano, producing aluminium accessories.
  • 1980

    Time to expand into modular constructions and acoustic insulation: Panurania begins processing rock wool, while Serrall creates its PVC division.
  • 1997

    These are years of growth, with a very significant peak in 2012 thanks to Renzo Targi’s work developing the Brazilian market.
  • 1998-2001

    These years see certifications for the management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) and company expansion outside Europe, like in Brazil. In addition, both companies invest in automation. Fabio Targi becomes the CEO of Panurania, mainly dealing with the development of the European market.
  • 2011

    After the Lehman Brothers crisis, expansion begins again. Panurania opens an office in Brazil, in São Paulo.
  • 2012

    Panurania launches the Panhouse brand, a new dry construction system with load-bearing panels.
  • 2015

    After over 35 years of partnership, Panurania acquires the majority of Serrall, establishing a new company.
  • 2017

    Panurania and Serrall create Urania Group, with its brands Panurania, Serrall and Panhouse. It also opens a sales office in the United States.
  • 2018

    After 39 years of leadership, Mario Massetti leaves the presidency of Serrall. Panurania launches its Multibox product, a kit for converting used containers into insulated shelters.
  • 2019

    Urania Group turns 40, and renews its commitment to being a supplier of panels and fixtures that simplifies life for its customers. It opens a new site in France. We launch our new 4x0 mission: zero structural problems, zero reworking, zero visible fixing, zero wasted material.


Our team is made up of highly specialised technicians who put all their passion and ability into the creation of each individual product. The enthusiasm and fresh ideas of our younger technicians merges with the experience and maturity of those who have been collaborating with Serrall for years.

Luigi Paganelli

Rita Carrucola

Matteo Cervelli
CEO-Chief Executive Officer

Mattia Guida
COO-Chief Operating Officer

Michele Oliveti
Demand Process Owner

Monica Petrosi
Development Process Owner

Filippo Maone
Delivery Process Owner

Gaetano Mastantuono
Procurement Manager

Luca Massetti
Quality Assurance & Customer Service

Marco Ciani
HSE Manager- Health Safety & Enviroment