Your fixtures,
our works of art.

Process phases

We begin from an analysis and design of fixtures in our Technical Department, continuing with order launching in our production departments.

The product is shaped as requested using highly advanced technologies.

These semi-finished products then move on to the assembly lines, different for each type of product, where the fixture acquires its final appearance.

Types of products

We create products in aluminium, using both cold casting and thermal break to work material.

We use precision welding systems for PVC frames and high-performance cutting and bending systems for processing sheet metal in zinc, stainless steel and aluminium.

We design and manufacture thermo-acoustic and thermo-insulating panels, preparing them for installation.

The utmost care in all production phases.

We create all types of openings and sizes for our products, in collaboration with the most important European designers and suppliers.





We orientate each individual production process toward efficiency, to offer you an exclusive, perfect and safe products.
We work to optimise the time, costs and materials used, aware of how each of our activities reflects on the others and on the ecosystem.

Advanced machining centres