Serrall, aluminium and PVC doors and windows
A passion for fixtures, since 1979.

Our products.

Serrall fixtures, windows and doors came to life thanks to the use of the best and most innovative technologies, expertly mixed with the high degree of professionalism and passion of our technicians.

It is from this passion that the distinctive features of Serrall products derive:

High quality standards typical of the best Italian industry.
The care of details of the artisan tradition.
Customisations faithful to needs to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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For you, only the best FIXTURES.

We have oriented all our production process to the highest quality, certifying our system according to UNI EN ISO 9001.
Ensuring high quality is the Serrall mission, and what we have been working for since our beginning.
We design your fixtures based on your needs and we are committed to getting them right.
To be sure that we deliver valuable, long-lasting products, we have created an in-house laboratory where we test the technical characteristics and performance of our products.

Our creations

  • Monaco Grand Prix General Management

    The windows on the external façade are one of the achievements of which we are most proud.
  • Office

    We constructed thermal break aluminium doors and windows for this structure for office use.
  • School

    School structures are one of our most important fields of use. We manufactured thermal break aluminium doors and windows for this structure.
  • Hospital

    The Serrall name in a hospital. The doors and windows in this structure were manufactured in thermal cut aluminium.
  • Outpatient Clinic

    The doors and windows in this outpatient clinic are further evidence of our aluminium production.
  • Recreational structure

    Our aluminium fixtures also find a home in recreational facilities like this.
  • Elementary school

    This elementary school is another example of the application of our aluminium doors and windows.

GREEN vision.

The environment is a precious resource for all of us. We at Serrall we care about the environment and translate our attention to nature into a concrete commitment.

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